Transnationale Projekte, Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chains, ERA-NET TRANSPORT III Flagship Call 2015


Smart last mile commerce

The objective of this project is to implement a service-oriented, organizational innovation named the SAILOR (Smart lAst mILe cOmmeRce) system enhancing the dynamic interaction between parcel delivery companies and the customers, thereby enabling a more informed and coordinated decision-making of both parties. The objectives of SAILOR are: (i) increased cost efficiency of the parcel delivery companies via a higher proportion of first-time delivery success and better management of reverse logistics, (ii) greater adoption of flexible time and place handovers of parcels leading to customer satisfaction, and (iii) societal benefits as reductions in emissions in urban areas, less congestion and less stressful working conditions for employees of parcel delivery companies. The objective is further to verify a prototype and evaluate the business model of SAILOR when implemented in four heterogeneous demonstration cities in the EU which would lead to policy implications about a EU wide solution to urban last mile logistics.