ways2go, 3. Call (2010)


The project TrafficCheck.at aims at developing an online-tool to evaluate traffic safety and traffic quality aspects of traffic light regulated junctions. Within a user innovation approach TrafficCheck.at integrates the view of non-motorised road users in a modern quality management system for traffic lights. There will be a test run of this online-tool in a defined area in Graz.

Traffic lights are an important part of our traffic system. They decisively influence traffic quality and traffic safety at junctions in cities. Controlling the traffic is a complex issue. Municipalities try to improve the quality of operating safety, traffic flow, traffic safety and environment protection by establishing traffic light quality management systems (BERNHARD J., GRAHL S. 2008 und 2009, RiLSA 2010). This implies to evaluate the traffic situation on-site systematically and continuously, which is very labour intensive. In addition parameters for traffic safety and traffic flow of existing and currently worked-on guidelines for
quality management for traffic lights concentrate on objectively measureable physical and statistical data (e.g. Speed, accident data). Parameters which consider the non-motorised road users’ view or the view of specific groups like elderly or disabled people are hardly taken into account. Especially these subjective assessments might contribute to a more socially acceptable traffic system.
The project TrafficCheck.at aims at developing an online-tool to evaluate traffic safety and traffic quality aspects of traffic light regulated junctions from a non-motorised road users’ perspective. Different road user groups and special interest groups will be integrated in a user innovation process so that their needs are considered. Furthermore the needs and interests of municipalities from Graz und Zürich as possible operators will be taken into account in this process as well.
The project TrafficCheck.at is furthermore innovative with respect to the following aspects:
· Currently existing planning tools of municipalities will be used in combination with
information and communication technologies to develop a new way of quality
management by installing an online-platform.
· The citizen-powered approach enables a simple and cost-efficient way of evaluating traffic flow and traffic safety.
· Developing the online-platform is a user innovation process. The needs and interests of pedestrians and cyclists as well as of various target groups (e.g. mobility-restricted persons) will be considered.
· The online-evaluation tool will be designed in such a way that it is user-friendly and accessible for all. At the same time it will consider relevant technical and functional facets for evaluating traffic flow and traffic safety aspects.
· The online-platform can be integrated in existing quality management systems for traffic lights. On the basis of collected data and online assessments it will be possible to suggest reasonable measures improving the current traffic situation.
· Municipalities will profit from a new way of information gathering as well as by using the platform as a communication medium to inform road users about traffic relevant issues.
TrafficCheck.at is conceived as a demonstration-example for the quality management for traffic lights in Graz. A test run of the online-tool will take place in a defined area in Graz. Besides it is planned to present the online-tool at the ITS WORLD 2012 in Vienna.